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The year 2023 has started with ups and downs in the tech industry. Some giants like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google, had laid off thousands of employees during the first 3 weeks alone, and there's no sign this will stop.

Beyond chaotic forecasts and some pessimistic views on this situation, there's a clear truth: the unemployment rate has been among the lowest in recent years. And that's partially thanks to the COVID pandemic being controlled around the world. Many sectors of the economy have started to rise again, and with that, many new employment opportunities have been created.

And that's precisely one of the main motivations that lead me to create Latin Talent. A job board dedicated to all the people living in Latin America, who are looking for a new job. More and more international companies are turning their heads to Latin America, and it's not serendipity: this region of the world offers a lot of advantages: similar (if not the same) time zones, cultural similarities, cheaper rates, but the same level of talent.

Countries like Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina are already seen as pillars when it comes to nearshore development: and as the word spreads out, I'm positive that even more opportunities will be created for latinos.

My goal is to bring all those job opportunities (that sometimes lack visibility), to the people who are looking for a new job.

As a Software Engineer myself, I've seen this movement grow: now it's quite usual to find job opportunities, from US-based companies, for highly skilled individuals. The problem is that not everyone is on LinkedIn, or Glassdoor, or I want to democratize employment opportunities, because I, myself, am part of this, and I have learned a thing or two all these years.

If you're a recruiter or represent a company, I'm sure you will find highly skilled, the targeted talent here. If you're looking for a new job, I'm sure you will find great opportunities that match your skills.

Thanks for stopping by,

Creator of Latin Talent

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